Prophetic Coaching and Consulting

                                                                                    Life transforming sessions

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Debbie is delighted to work with you to help unlock your potential, release your creative ideas and make the changes you deserve in all areas of your life, enabling you to live from a place of prosperity and not lack, certainty and not doubt, confidence and not fear and grow in abundant living.

These session are always in high demand so booking in advance is advised


Breakthough Coaching 


Breakthrough Sessions will help establish personal growth and development centred on your identity and fulfilling your God-designed purpose. Each session helps to address limiting mindsets, emotional roadblocks, and more. You can expect these breakthrough sessions to be relational, functional, and revelational. Book your session now. 


Destiny Coaching


Destiny Sessions will help ground in your identity in order to progress toward and fulfil your God-given destiny. In these sessions, Debbie will look at your dreams and desires and who God made you to be and help you discern the right plan to help you step into your calling, work toward a specific and tailored plan to walking out all God has purposed for you to be and do. Make your desires a reality. Book your session now


Transition coaching 


Transition Sessions take you from where you are to where you want to be. Are you feeling a shift and ready to make some changes in your life and need someone to guide you through? Debbie is the perfect person to share this experience with. Spirit led sessions full of  insight and revelation, you will benefit her wisdom gained over years working successfully with people just like you, helping them achieve positive life transforming outcomes. You will receive a personal assessment to complete prior to your booking your session. 


Prophetic Processing   


Have you received words over your life but don't understand them or you don't know what to do with them or how to implement them? Using specific tools and resources Debbie will help you understand and unlock what has been spoken over you, enabling you to go deeper in your level of wisdom and understanding, gain clarity of where you are called and for what purpose. Identifying and removing roadblocks and obstacles, recognise blind spots, discovering hidden callings and unreleased gifts. These session call out the gold God has spoken over you life and help you to apply all He has destined for you.