• Do you have an idea you want to turn into reality?

  • Do you have a message and want to tell your story?

  • Do you want to make some changes in your career or business life?


Debbie is delighted to offer 4 types of soil in which to plant your seed, unlock your potential, release your creative ideas and make the changes you deserve in all areas of your life, enabling you to live from a place of prosperity and not lack, certainty and not doubt, confidence and not fear and grow in abundant living.

Basic Coaching 


Whether making an idea a reality, sharing your story or making changes to your career or business it can be a daunting task. Talking through what you want, where you want to go and how to get there will help you feel more confident. This basic session is a great “first step” into the coaching process.

Through a 45-minute online session, you will talk with Debbie as she puts you at ease you will be guided on how to take the next step. You will come away excited and ready to take action.

Creative Group Workshop

(8 People)


Through teaching sessions, interactive exercises, and small group activities Debbie will help to stir up the gifts within you. It’s her goal to assist as you overcome overwhelm, become unstuck, move through any roadblocks and reveal your creative ideas.


Some of the topics that will be addressed:

  • The rich resources within you

  • Unlocking the real you and revealing it in your communication

  • Unleash new levels of creativity

  • Experience a greater sense of clarity

  • Simple strategies to getting things done

  • A structured plan to implement and move forward with.

This workshop is run over 2 days (6 hours a day) includes lunch, handouts, a workbook and journal. You will come away refreshed and ready to implement what you have learned.

One to One coaching 


This coaching program is designed for those that want to take things deeper, be more specific and gain momentum. Debbie will work with you personally. This coaching package will give you:

  • Specified tailored coaching depending on your goals

  • A time to gather Debbie's insight on specific hurdles you need to overcome.

  • A sounding board to share struggles and guidance on “What do I do next”

Before your first session, Debbie will learn about you and your goals through a personal questionnaire, reviewing any materials you may have and then after your initial 2-hour video call, you follow up with a 1/2 hour phone conversation.

Tailor-made holistic one to one in person coaching package  


(Coaching fee is set on a case by case basis depending on client needs and goals.)  This coaching program is designed where Debbie works with you one on one in her home. This package is bespoke and completely customised for you:

  • Are you at the beginning of your journey and wondering what your next step is?

  • Are you looking to become the best you can be in your area of expertise and ready to take a look inside as well as work on the outside?

Debbie will sit with you as you work through these matters together through:

  • Personal growth activities

  • Creativity exercises

  • Conversations regarding your goals and how to achieve them.

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