Hello you,

I love making new friends, it is so special to be able to get to know people and learn about their lives. Their lessons can be part of our learning too. I have heard some amazing stories over the last few years from women and men just like you and me, telling their story of how Gods love has helped them overcome the most overwhelming experiences, the direst of situations, death of loved ones, failing marriages, parenting pressures, estranged family relationships, chronic health issues, financial burdens to name a few. It is such a powerful thing to be able to share the testimony of what saying ‘yes’ to accepting Jesus into your life and living a Jesus centred life can do to positively transform one’s own circumstances from hopeless to hope-filled, stressful to stress-free, chaotic to calm, from scarcity to abundance and problematic to peaceful.

Sharing our testimony not only furthers His Kingdom in ways we might not see on this side of eternity. It helps us deepen our relationship with Jesus as we share how the promises of God have impacted us individually. So I wanted to share some of my story, particularly the moments that led me on this journey of saying “yes” to God. As you read the words and perhaps nod and think to yourself “that’s me or me too” my prayer is that you will join me on this magnificent journey called life and we can become friends.


Debs x

‘I will proclaim your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise you among your assembled people. ‘ Psalm 22:22 (NLT)

Debbie’s story so far …

Born in the UK, the eldest of five. Debbie married in 1987 and has enjoyed life with her husband Simon travelling the world ever since. Debbie is a motivational speaker, writer and coach, she loves coaching clients and taking a seed sowing it in the right soil and watching it grow, and return a plentiful harvest.

Debbie’s expertise and experience come as a mum of 3, a degree qualified emergency nurse, emotional health practitioner, the specialist in stress management, business owner and founder of Beautiful Sisterhood a global movement. Following her own experience as a Mum of a teen who attempted suicide, she developed the T.H.I.N.K programme designed to help young people with their emotional resilience, mental health and well being. Recently Debbie has launched the S.o.S (Save our Streets) initiative, which has been set up to educate and offer support to parents and their children. It tackles difficult subjects such as addiction, abuse, self-harm, domestic violence, sexual health, teenage pregnancy and mental health. As a result of her work she has won a Natwest Venus – ‘Most Inspiring Woman’ award.

Debbie speaks nationally and internationally with church groups, faith groups, community groups, schools, running workshops covering subjects such as modern slavery, spiritual well being, mental & sexual health, relationships and well being


Her mission is to create a global community of people who will impact their generation and bring hope where once there was none – and see legacies of those communities in our society that had once written off, fully transformed, generational legacies broke through education, encouragement and empowerment. 


Her desire is to take her heartfelt message and global vision and impact in how we relationally interact with each other and the world we are a part of. Her talks and teaching are full of insight, revelation and are life transforming. She delivers them with an oozing empathy and sense of fun that audiences connect to immediately.