I Am

25 days to a Hope filled Christmas - Extravagant titles of Jesus

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I Am - MALACHI 3:1-6, JOHN 8:58

It's been a tough year for us all with lockdowns, loss and separation. As the the end of the years draws to a close now more than ever we need Hope and purpose. Let us not lose the purpose in celebrating Christmas and let us commit to being intentional with how we celebrate advent. Let us choose an Christ centre advent to encourage our loved ones, our families and friends to know who Christ is and why He wants to know them and share the Hope He brings into our broken world We invite you to join us this advent season by allowing your heart to be captured, staying close to the glorious centre of it all, Jesus.

Journey with us this advent and learn to put Christ as the centre of this season. Jesus came to earth in human form, as a helpless babe to die on the Cross and ultimately deliver each of us from our sin. Little did all of humankind know that His birth was just the beginning of the ultimate gift we would ever be given, life eternal.

The birth of Jesus is particularly worthy of celebration and honour, because Jesus is the heart of Christmas. Let His true joy reign in your lives and free each you from the expectations of loneliness, fear, dissatisfaction and troubles that may ache in your heart you this year.

Be encouraged and reminded of His humble birth, yet His glorious power as we read the many extravagant titles of Jesus, over the next 25 days, titles all of which He fulfilled perfectly.

What assurance that brings. I Am. He was there in the beginning and He will be there in the end. His great kindness to us is that His plan always included Jesus, the son of God. God’s absolute being means absolute reality, with complete dependence upon Him. Where He is truth and that truth remains steadfast for eternity. He is the source and definer of all things. He is most worthy of our admiration.

God bless you and His peace go with you

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